A private firm with a public interest

“Every individual, whether or not he owes the debt, has a right to be treated in a reasonable or civil manner.” 

123 Cong. Rec. 10241 (1977)

Representative Annuzio, Subcommittee Chairman sponsoring the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

Practice Areas

Abusive Debt Collectors

    • Threats to sue
    • Harassing calls
    • Profanity, racial slurs, violence
    • Debts not owed
    • Misrepresenting amount owed

Automobile Fraud

  • Wrongful repossessions
  • Automobile financing fraud
  • Automobile deficiency defense
  • GAP insurance fraud
  • Yo-Yo car sales

Identity Theft

  • Credit reporting errors
  • Credit and mortgage denials
  • Denial of housing, jobs, or benefits
  • Loss of security clearance

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